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Mreža mladih Hrvatske ulaže napore u osiguravanju vjerodostojnosti i istinitosti informacija koje prenosi putem svog info-servisa "Mladi info". Međutim, Mreža mladih Hrvatske nije u mogućnosti jamčiti potpunu vjerodostojnost i istinitost informacija i odriče se odgovornosti za eventualne štete nastale korištenjem istih.

Sva prava pridržana 2007. - 2012. MMH.
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Managing Board


Josip Miličević, President

Born in 1993 in Zagreb where he currently studies political science at the Faculty of Political Science. This is where his social activism took off, firstly by briefly volunteering at Transparency International and then more seriously in 2014 when he started volunteering at Centre for Peace Studies, where he worked with asylum seekers and people who were granted asylum. During his studies he developed an interest in public policies so Croatian Youth Network seems like a natural sequence. In MMH he is, among other things focused on young workers’ rights and international cooperation. Most of his free time is spent on books and football club Zagreb 041 – antifascist and fan owned club run on principle of direct democracy.

Jakov Kolak, Vice-President

Jakov Kolak (born 1994 in Varaždin) acquired his  bachelor  degree in political science at the University of Zagreb in 2016 and is currently finishing his master degree. His main interests include political theory, political history and social movements, especially the way they interact with and shape formal political institutions and dominant discourse. He is an active volunteer at the Faculty of political science Students’ Club from its establishment in 2013. He was a managing board member (2015-2017) where his main activities were development of program and activist section. In 2017 he  was elected   Vice- President of the  Croatian Youth Network with special interest in workers’ rights and employment policies.

Aleksandra Lera, Member
Born in 1991. in Pula. She lives in Zagreb, where she graduated social policy at the Department of Social Work, Faculty of Law. During her studies she began to volunteer and work in association Ambidexter Club, where she currently works as a project manager. Working with young people at risk of social exclusion she became aware of the need to ensure adequate system of support in order to overcome some of the institutional obstacles. She is interested in the topics of professionalization of youth work in Croatia and youth rights, focusing on the rights of young people at risk of social exclusion in the areas of education, employment and social care system. In her free time she likes to be creative, hike, travel, meet new people and hang out.
Mirela Pašić, Member
Born in Rijeka in 1989 where she mastered in Pedagogy. She is a longterm volunteer in several associations; currently working as a project manager in the civil sector, field of youth work. She has been trained for the process of structured dialogue and her passionate theme is civic education. She is passionately committed to introducing human rights and civic education into a formal education system. Open and cheerful, she loves unusual hairstyles and vivid colors. In her free time she likes to explore music and movies.  When somebody asks her what is it exactly that she does she's most likely to quote her friend: "I don't know exactly what Mirela does, but I think she is trying to make a world a better place to live!"
Kristijan Kovačić, Member
Born 1992 in Dieburg, Germany.  Living in Zagreb since 2010, where he studied political sciences. During his studies he showed interest in civil society, especially in the fields of education, civic education, student rights and youth. He volunteered in Institute for the Development of Education, Forum for Freedom in Education, Faculty of Political Sciences Students’ Club and GONG. .  In the MMH he covers youth policy and youth rights. He enjoys travelling, nature, concerts and good company.



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