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Better Strategies for Youth, Youth for Better Strategies


Implementation period:  April 1, 2015 – September 30, 2016

Total cost of the project: 85.408,00 €

Funded by EU (Erasmus + programme): 67.309,00 €

Applicant organisation: Croatian Youth Network

Project partners: Österreichische Kinder und Jugendvertretung Verein, National Youth Forum Bulgaria, Cyprus Youth Council, People and Work Unit, Federatia Consiliul Tineretului din Romania, Mladinski Svet Slovenije, Forum Nazionale Dei Giovani Associazione


Erasmus + project „Better Strategies for Youth, Youth for Better Strategies“ aims to respond to real needs detected in the youth sector Europe-wide as it presents a base for a long-term strategic partnership which ensures exchange of practices among youth organisations and institutions involved in the project. The project is derived from the key problem detected by consulted national youth councils (NYCs): lack of conceptual standards on how to develop strategic and programme documents in this field caused by diverse capacities of individual NYCs to initiate and carry advocacy effort, and  different stages of development of youth sectors in different European countries. In order to initiate and develop an advocacy agenda on the necessity of developing quality assurance standards for national strategic and programme documents in the field of youth, organisations gathered in this partnership will advocate together on the EU level in order to contribute to more effective youth policies at the European and national level. For the first time this partnership brought together experienced practitioners (NYCs) and prominent representatives of the research community who will rethink and evaluate the existing concepts and models of different strategic and programme documents in the field of youth. Project team will then suggest and advocate for conceptual standards which can be applicable in different countries, regardless of its specific context and developmental phase.

Project partners will achieve two important results by the implementation of this project: advocacy agenda on quality assurance standards for national strategic and programme documents in the field of youth being developed by youth organisations; and strengthening capacities of national youth councils from EU countries to create and monitor concrete national strategic and programme documents in the field of youth.

Activities which are going to be implemented are: mapping of key issues in developing and implementing youth policy strategic documents from the perspective of NYCs, development of advocacy tools, advocacy process on the European level, follow-up meeting on planning future actions, etc.



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