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Sva prava pridržana 2007. - 2012. MMH.
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Youth organizations are main providers of non-formal education in Europe. Thousands of youth organizations across the continent build competences of young people - creating active citizens and boosting employability. Therefore, our main priority is the recognition of non-formal education and the role of youth organizations as non-formal and informal education providers. We want to keep creating more quality learning opportunities that can be adequately recognised and integrated into lifelong learning systems for all citizens. 
Our learning partnership has a specific focus on the exchange of good practices and on setting a common approach for the recognition of non-formal learning and the role of trainers in national contexts. Therefore it aims to achieve the following objectives:
- to develop a common understanding and a joint strategy to advocate for the political recognition and validation of non-formal education in all partners countries, both in the field of educational and in the European labour market;
- to mainstream experiences and learning outcomes developed through non-formal and informal education in reference to the European Qualification Framework;
- to legitimise the role of national youth  councils and its member organizations as non-formal learning providers;
- to strengthen capacities of national youth councils and member organizations by sharing good practices of educational approaches supporting the national training strategies;
- to develop trainers’ skills and competences in order to assure quality in non-formal education activities;
- to advocate for the recognition of non-formal education trainers' competences and the trainer profession in society;
- to establish and reinforce a lasting cooperation among European national youth councils focusing on education and training.
The partners will: 
- conduct nationally-based research on training needs among organisation;
- organize trainings which aim to raise trainers' competences;
- create and/or consolidate pools of trainers in all partner organizations;
- create an e-learning platform in order to develop and implement blended training activities for national youth councils' pools of trainers, staff and member organizations;
- carry out advocacy campaigns on national and European level for the recognition of non-formal education:
- create a website and other publications for information, promotion and dissemination.
Through capacity-building, research and advocacy, our learning partnership will develop an integrated strategy to raise awareness about the need to establish a holistic approach to education and training - one which leads to formal, political, social and personal recognition of non-formal education, in order to fulfil the objectives  of the EU Agenda 2020 and create the knowledge-based European society.
This project is supported by the European Union through the Lifelong Learning Programme.

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